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Meditation Sketches

Recently I’ve started drawing right after meditating. I’m just getting back into it and always enjoyed where I was, or wasn’t,¬†during meditation. The state that I would carry out of it was pretty rad too. Wanting to see what would come from that, and also to see if I could sustain that feeling longer, I took it to my sketchbook when I would finish. I had no expectations or parameters and every time I sat down it was like a vacation. I get this sort of goofy grin on my face and think “Where am I going today?”. Yeah, I’ve been surprised. ¬†They are super thematic and at this point maybe my brain is creating a little meditative world for me to process things in. I don’t know and frankly I’m just going with it. What I do know is that now when I sit down the act of drawing these becomes an act of mediation. It brings me joy… so here they are so far.