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Vive La Weave: In The Studio Update

This weaving is still a work in progress but it’s moving fast so I expect it to be finished in a few days. I’ve really been with this one for the long haul. It started about a month ago when I constructed the loom. I use the term “loom” loosely. It’s more like a frame and some nails whacked into it which has slowed down the process to a snail’s pace. But taking it slow hasn’t been all that bad for me since I haven’t woven for almost seven years. It’s given me the time that I’ve needed to fall in love with weaving & fibers all over again. I’ve been asking myself why I ever stopped. I guess that going into my undergrad years ago I wanted to learn something new so I studied painting but before that I mostly sculpted and a wove. A seven year lapse won’t happen again. This project has spurred ideas of a whole new series to bubble up from the depths. Best way to start new year, ever.