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Suspension of Disbelief

Blog Weaving 5

I never paid it much thought before, but recently after watching a movie, I realized that I have almost super human capabilities when it comes to the suspension of disbelief. Let me tell you, it is epically awesome. Maybe I should be more concerned that I get so completely lost in made up worlds & stories but I glean far too much pleasure from it to question its consequences. It can take a mundane day and flip it on it’s head.

The subsequent realization that I had was that I do it all of the time. Not just with films & books but with theater, dance, nature, architecture and art. I do it looking at other peoples art and I do it while I’m making my own. I’m completely transfixed when I work, traveling to places & meeting people that are compilations of experiences, scenes, & imaginings. I do it walking down the street. A full grown adult daydreaming like a five year old and I catch myself smiling at the scenes unrolling before me. Mash-ups of the path ahead of me & the path in my head.

This work, including the one that just came off of the loom above, are woven sketches. Impressions of that place that exists within but reaches out to play with my vision and dance through my senses with the material world.