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Contraption Extraordinaire

What a total contraption, right? This is my new loom “Giuseppe” or “Beppo” for short. Somebody designed this little guy just for themselves & set about making him from scratch. I’ve never seen a little loom like him before. He’s a table top tapestry loom with 2 heddles & a weighted beater bar that raises & lowers by a pulley. Even the gears are hand cut. Whoever built him was one crafty son of a gun. I acquired him from a nice little lady named Ellie & boy did she sell him to me for a steal. Thank you Ellie! Thank you for supporting the next generation of weavers by delivering gems like this into their lives that make doing what they do possible.

I spent the last couple of nights after work & between classes warping him up. Well, mostly I was untangling myself from the warp since I had apparently forgotten how it was done. BUT, I arose triumphant and BEHOLD! Beppo is warped and rearing to go. Beep Beep, watch out, I’m comin’ through!