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Project: Card Catalogue


The Card Catalogue project began when I couldn’t resist salvaging a┬ávintage school card catalogue from the Cornell University Library & then began the task of filling it with art & writing made solely on the 3″ x 5″ surface of index cards. It’s become more than just an alternative to a sketchbook that I originally intended it as. This has evolved into an obsessive sort of archive for my life & for all of the people passing through my life, via home, studio, work & my website by adding in their own cards to help fill the catalogue. It wouldn’t be an accurate archive without all of you so please participate by making your own cards & adding them to this project that will inevitably take a lifetime to complete. Only thousands and thousands more to go! There’s a blank card with your name on it just waiting to be filed away for perpetuity. If you don’t live in Seattle just contact me & I’ll pass on my new mailing address. All cards will be posted here on the blog before getting filed away.