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Card Catalogue Installment II

More and more getting filed away: Victorian Kidos & Amoebic Goo. With tens of thousands more of these to do before the Card Catalogue is full I think that by the end we may very well cover everything that can be done on a 3×5 inch surface. I’ve been doodling these amoebic little shapes when I’m stressed out lately. Doodle therapy could have far more potential than art therapy.  The doodle is beyond the mind & while it may lack any real substance it is a no pressure meditative little thing that helps me unwind. Victorian children on the other-hand are neat for many reasons but mostly because all things Victorian are innately creepy and that creepiness is only amplified when it’s combined with children. These Kidos are drawn from prints in an old Sears Roebuck catalogue from when everyone bought everything from those books. Not so long ago I did my undergrad in Savannah where & I lived near Forsyth Park. There’s this big famous fountain right in middle of it where all of the tourists, pigeons & schizophrenics gathered. Even that fountain was purchased from one of those catalogues.






I made these index cards but YOU can participate too! see: to learn more about the card catalogue project!